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Match Day Thread: FC Bayern vs. VfB Stuttgart

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In Stuttgart's Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion, the players are going though warm-ups and the supporters are filing into the seats. It's the last match of the weekend, and Bayern takes the pitch with an opportunity to extend the lead even further. Your line-ups:

Alex Grimm

For FC Bayern


Ribery - Kroos - Mueller

Martinez - Schweinsteiger

Alaba - Dante - van Buyten - Lahm


For Stuttgart

Ibisevic - Traore

Harnik - Okazaki - Kvist - Gentner

Tasci - Neidermeier - Ruediger - Molinaro


So, Gomez on the bench again ... I'm surprised, but some of you guys assured me that would be the case. Anyway, Gomez, Robben, Raf, Boateng, Shaq and Tymo highlight the Bayern bench. For VfB, Ibisevic is returning from a 1-match suspension.

As always, check back afterwards for a recap and highlights. Viva viva FC Bayern!