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Poll: Favorite Non-Bayern German Team

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We've had some good fun with our poll series in the past, so I thought I'd bring it back this fall. If you're new around these parts, our previous polls have been "Favorite Current Bayern Player" (won by Bastian Schweinsteiger), "Favorite Non-Bayern Player" (won by Mesut Özil, with Miroslav Klose a strong runner-up), and "Favorite All-Time Bayern Player" (won by Kahn, with Beckenbauer and Gerd Müller also making strong showings).

Those prior polls all generated interesting discussion, so check them out if you haven't seen them before. Today's poll is equally straightforward:

Of all teams under the umbrella of the Deutscher Fußball-Bund that are NOT part of the Bayern Munich family (meaning you can't cop out and say "Bayern II" or "Bayern Ladies" or "Bayern U-17 reserve squad"), which is your favorite?

PLEASE NOTE - if you are a fan of a NON-Bayern (but still German) team first and foremost, go ahead and choose your favorite team. In other words, if you're a Hamburg fan, and you come here because this is the only SB Nation Bundesliga blog (which is totally awesome if you do), click Hamburg. I'm trying to figure out, from the perspective of my readership, which teams are seen as "well, they aren't Bayern, but I do think they're kind of cool ..." and which ones are truly without support.

As always, participating in the poll is cool, but leaving comments to explain why you chose who you did is even better. Discussion and argument are fine, but please no insults or anger - being a true bayern fan does NOT "require" than one hate a specific other team.

Mainz preview tonight, or tomorrow morning at the latest. Thanks for reading.