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Match Day Thread: World Cup Qualifiers

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Bongarts/Getty Images

Match Day 2 of UEFA's 2012 World Cup qualifiers, as well as an important day in CONMEBOL and CONCACAF qualifying. You can see our preview of the matches and examination of the groups here.

Germany vs. Austria is one of the day's big matches. Yahoo Sports reports that this will be the starting line-up:


Goetze - Oezil - Reus

Khedira - Kroos

Schmelzer - Badstuber - Hummels - Lahm


We won't find out for sure until half an hour before game time (which is 2:45 Eastern USA time, 8:45 PM local time), but that seems like a good guess.

Most of these matches are on ESPN 3, and EuroSport UK appears to be showing Jordan vs. Australia, kicking off in a few minutes, if you're interested. We'll be back when it's all over with a recap and maybe some video. Then, thank God, it's back to real club ball.