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Bild Says Javi Martinez to Bayern is a Done Deal (UPDATED w/ Photo Evidence?)

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They said the same thing last week, so I'm not ready to put too much stock in it. But it seemed like it was worth passing along: Bild reports that Javi Martinez has been cleared for take-off, and will sign a deal with FC Bayern tomorrow.

Specifically, the article says that Javi is on his way to Madrid, where the Spanish FA is located. As we discussed last week, Bilbao wants Javi to pay the buy-out fee himself, so they won't be seen as having "sold" one of their best players. Of course, that also brought up a massive tax liability that threatened to kill the deal ... Bild hasn't said anything about how that was resolved, other than to say that the problems "endlich behoben" - have been finally fixed.

That doesn't answer everyone's questions, and Bild has been wrong before, so I'm not ready to welcome Javi to the club yet. But it appears there's a good chance this will happen in the next day or two. Needless to say, we'll be following the story, so stay tuned to this site and to our twitter feed at for the latest.

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Check the update - Quaazi points out the following link from Sky Sports' Carolin Blüchel:

Looks like this deal might finally happen.

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