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Javi Martinez to Bayern Deal Close to Complete?

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I'm trying to be careful not to get carried away, because this is the kind of "report" that often turns out to be blown out of proportion. Having said that, several outlets are reporting that a deal to bring Javi Martinez to FC Bayern might be consummated as early as tomorrow morning ...

TZ, which is usually a (relatively) reliable source, says that an offer of 33 million Euro for the Spanish CDM / CB has been accepted. TZ is careful to avoid saying that anything has been confirmed, with the typical "sources say" language indicating that player, agent, and both teams have been unwilling to say that it's a done deal. So anything is possible. Still, it would make sense that Athletic Bilbao would move closer to accepting a deal as August drags along. If they wanted to get everything wrapped up before the season starts (they open at home vs. Betis one week from today), you'd expect this coming week to see some movement.

Bayern's official team site has nothing on the situation. With Bastian sitting out today, Bayern's midfield looked a little less than Champions League winning class. But if Schweinsteiger was 100 percent healthy, we could still use Javi next to him - in which case, Kroos and Gustavo would be less likely to start, and Tymoschuk would be crammed even further down the pecking order. But with goals of winning trophies in three tough competitions, we'd certainly need some depth, especially with injuries starting to bite already.

We'll follow the story all week, so stay tuned to out twitter feed at for the latest news. If Martinez comes on board, it could be confirmed as early as tomorrow morning.