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Bayern Beats Dortmund, Wins DFB Super-Pokal

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"Bayern Beats Dortmund." Feels good to write after 5 losses on the bounce to BVB, and after two straight years with no trophies. Obviously this isn't the cup we really have our eyes set on, but it's nice to see FC Bayern get a big win and play well up front. This was a pretty confidence-boosting performance, aside from a few defensive breakdowns in the second half. And to the extent that we were relying on new players, they stepped in and got the job done.

From the opening kick, Bayern clearly was ready to seize the initiative. It's been a long summer layoff since that heart-wrenching loss to Chelsea (and, for players on the German National team, since the ugly loss to Italy). Mandukic notched a goal early, from a brilliant tough angle pass from Ribery. And less than 6 minutes alter, Robben made a break towards the goal and barely missed, his shot rattling off the bar. Luckily, Müller was right there to clean it up. His high-powered blast from 8 feet away made me feel like he was really happy to get a chance to tee off on the goal.

Dortmund put some pressure on the FCB end in the second half. You can expect a talented club like BVB to go quietly, but I was still a little disappointed at some of the missed tackles and failed clearances. Emre Can, who overall played well and did a solid job got juked pretty bad by Kuba on one (this one led to a shot from 'Dowski, which Lahm luckily tipped away). Lewandowski was the one who brought BVB back to within one a few minutes later, although that was just a great shot that Neuer didn't see in time. Müller had a chance to put Bayern to 3 in between, when he made a pretty self-tap but couldn't find the handle for the shot.

Some video - this one has all 3 goals:

Take-away thoughts:

- Lahm is perfect over at that RB spot. He had at least 2 nice, clean sliding tackles to strip a BVB attack, and he also looked good along that right sideline. Let's leave him over there and that LB spot will take care of itself.

- I really like Mandzukic up top. Nothing against Gomez (whose numbers indicate he's obviously doing something right), but Mandzu is a little more mobile and seems to really keep CBs on their toes. With Robben, Ribery and Müller all playing well, though, it's pretty easy for anyone to look good up top. Mandzu seemed to go down had towards the end - looked like he wasn't badly hurt, though.

- If their commercials are to be believed, Gol! TV is going to take Bundesliga coverage seriously this year. If that's really true, we can hopefully get a good number of matches on HD television this season. And maybe by the end of the year, this dude will learn how to pronounce "Müller."

Back with more later. Thanks for reading.