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FC Bayern Demolishes "Paulaner Dream Team"

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In today's Paulaner Cup de Sudens, the "Paulaner Dream Team" had to know they were going to be badly out-gunned. But perhaps they didn't realize exactly how badly, as FC Bayern romped in the sponsored friendly by a final of 15-0.

This certainly wasn't much of a test, but it was good to see the midfield and forwards working together and moving the ball around cleanly. Gomez obviously had a big day, but Ribery and Shaqiri also had some moments of brilliance (again ... consider the opposition).

Some video:

Ribery with a long-range strike:

Shaqiri with a smooth finish. Sort of being in the right place at the right time, but he still had to slide this one into the bottom-left corner as it was coming across his body:

Lahm from the spot. Sorry about the music, but I wanted to get these up right now:

Looks like the club is rounding into shape nicely for the upcoming Liga Total! Cup. After that, it's the DFB Super Pokal, against ... well, you know.

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