Breaking news: Matthias Sammer replaces Christian Nerlinger!

With all the news and rumors swirling around about players coming and going at Bayern, the club made a surprising announcement: Matthias Sammer is leaving his position at the DFB to take over the Sporting Director position for FC Bayern München, replacing Christian Nerlinger.

The official statement is that there was a difference of opinion between the Sport Director and the board, about the direction of the future for the club.

Unofficially, of course, it looks like Nerlinger is being held responsible for the lack of titles for the 2nd year in a row. A little harsh, considering that they were contending for the treble, and by most accounts, should have won the Champion's League final against an inferior Chelsea side? Maybe. But, that's the nature of being the manager of a major team, success is measured in titles.

It remains to be seen what changes there will be in the philosophy of the club in terms of player management. Considering that Bayern have already acquired players for all the openings they had, it will probably be tough for Sammer to make a significant impact for this coming season.

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