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Euro 2012 Viewing Thread: Match Day 3

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The European Championships continue today with a Sunday double-feature. Yesterday saw Germany scratch out a 1-0 victory over Portgual, despite a rusty and not-entirely convincing performance. Portgual played well, although their tactics were rather defensive for much of the match. But the big surprise was Denmark, who shares the Group B lead with Germany after beating Netherlands yesterday.

In the Blogger Bracket Challenge, everyone aside from Gianfranco had Netherlands advancing from the Group. Gianfranco had Portugal advancing, though, so he's not necessarily in a much better place right now. Next round of Group B matches should clear things up.

Today, Group C kicks off with Spain vs. Italy and Croatia vs. Ireland. The Spaniards are defending champs and surely favorites to come out of their group; if Italy can get an early goal, though, they could have a good chance to hang on for a win or a draw. If that happens, Croatia or Ireland could seize control by winning the other match.

Croatia's Danijel Pranjic is the Bayern boy in action today. A quick note - if there's a player that you've always liked or not liked, it's probably not necessary to log in just to boast and snarl when he does something that you think proves you right. For instance, if you've always hated [player x] and he misses a shot, don't post a comment saying "See? I told you idiots, he sucks!" As soon as he later scores, you'll be on the receiving end of similar talk. And if you've always liked [player x] and he scores, no need to write "See? Eat that! He showed you!" As soon as he misses an easy chance or commits a bad turnover, they same thing will apply to you. This isn't aimed at anyone in particular, I'm just reminding everyone to try to keep it civil and not get too divisive.

Let's hope for a day of good, exciting, clean matches. I wouldn't mind seeing Croatia get a convincing win.

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