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Dortmund Dismantles Bayern, 5-2 (w/ Video)

Bongarts/Getty Images

An ugly day in the Pokal FInal, as FC Bayern was demolished by Borussia Dortmund and allowed their rivals to win the double. A Kagawa goal in the first 3 minutes gave BVB the lead, but Robben's conversion of a penalty allowed bayern to level, and Bayern looked at least decent for a few minutes at that point (halfway through the first half). But after that, it was all Dortmund, as our back line continually lost track of their forwards and we failed to deal with even simple attacks.

Hopefully, a bad rehearsal makes for a good Champions League performance, because if we play like this, we aren't winning anything. Badstuber and Boateng both looked lost, couldn't keep track of Dortmund's forwards, and couldn't clear the ball. Neuer wasn't directly at fault for most of the goals, but he did lose the ball on one that allowed Lewandowski to take Dortmund to 5, and in general he failed to make any great saves. Schweinsteiger had a few poor passes, Kroos was largely absent, Alaba had a few turnovers of his own and his inexperience showed. Only Ribery played well (and his goal was a great one), and I thought Robben did OK and at least worried Dortmund a few times.

This sucks, and it's a horrible feeling, but I don't want to lose sleep over it. Right now, they just have our number. We need to go back to the drawing board and work on defensive formation, communication between CBs and FBs, and where we're positioning ourselves BEFORE the ball gets into the area right in front of the goal.

Here's the Ribery goal:

Hummels' penalty, with the near-save:

and the last one from Lewandowski:

Back with more later, but not really soon. Want to just sit on it for a bit. Keep it civil in the comments - if you can't do so, you will be banned or suspended. Thanks.

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