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Match Day Thread: FC Bayern vs. Real Madrid CF

Bongarts/Getty Images

Still four hours until the opening whistle, but I figured I'd throw the Match Day Thread up so everyone can calm their jangled nerves. We can post line-ups in the comment section as soon as they become available.

Some last-minute developments:

(1) The preview on SB Nation Soccer, our parent site, says that "Bayern Munich don't have quite the talent that Real Madrid has." That's cool, Kev, we're used to everyone hating on us.

(2) Bastian Schweinsteiger says that Bayern is going to have to score to move on - even though defense will be vital, Bayern can't sit back and try to play for a scoreless draw.

(3) According to EuroSport, Bayern have won 8 out of 13 Champions League games against Real Madrid, the most by one team against a single opponent in the history of the competition.

As some may know, there is a 1-day delay between the time when a member signs up to participate on this site and when they can actually start posting. This is to protect against spammers and trolls (I know we all wish we had this back on the old Offside site). But if anyone has just signed up and wants to be able to get involved today, email me at and I'll activate you right away, assuming you're sincere.

I guess that's it, not much more to say. Come on, boys, just get out there and play some great football. We just want to see you play hard and give it your all. If you stick to the game-plan, trust your teammates, and give 110 percent, we'll love you no matter what happens.

Viva viva FC Bayern!

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