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Poll: Favorite Non-Bayern Player

Last week, we had a nice love-in with our Favorite Bayern Player poll - everyone got a chance to talk about the players they liked the most from our current roster. Because we're all about the yin and the yang, I though we'd give everyone a better chance for argument and dispute with a new poll: Favorite Non-Bayern Player.

Just like last week, this refers only to ACTIVE (not retired or "all-time-great") players. Feel free to criticize each other's choices, but let's keep it clean - no sexual innuendo, no personal insults, and try to go easy on the profanity. If you're in the mood, explain why you like your guy so much, or what it was that first made you interested in him.

My list is pretty big, but there are obviously a ton of great players in the world - I could have gone on to 50 or 70 guys and still missed someone who's very talented and popular. So I'm sure some of us have favorite players that aren't listed. If that's the case, just choose "other" and let us know in the comments.

I threw in a few ex-Bayern guys, who I expect to fare pretty well. But who knows - maybe there will be a few surprises.

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