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After two straight poor performances, FC Bayern seemed like they had turned a corner with last week's win. But everything came to a screeching halt today, as mistakes, poor finishing, and stagnation doomed Die Roten to a 2-0 loss. Leverkusen played well, but this one could have been over in the early going, as Bayern had several good early chances that we failed to cash in.

Both 'keepers played really well today.  Leno was under siege for most of the first half, but he made a nice save on a sharp Robben shot and generally looked confident back there.  And Neuer had at least 4 great saves, including a right-foot kick-out that was amazing and another sequence in the 2nd half where he made back-to-back nice stops.

The problems for Bayern were - again - up front.  Mueller looked great early, as he sent two dangerous crosses into the area.  But he soon bogged down, and late in the first half had a poor turnover.  Gomez was forgettable, and appears to be built only to knock in balls that come right to his feet.  Kroos was completely absent - the only thing I remember him doing was falling down right before a rebound bounced in his direction.  In the midfield, Alaba was decent but still has a long way to go.  Gustavo is mostly a defensive specialist, but we could still stand to get a lot more out of him.

Leverkusen's first goal resulted from a problem we've had repeatedly over the last two seasons: Bayern players STOPPING in the MIDDLE OF THE DAMN PLAY to complain to the officials.  In this case, they thought Leverkusen was offside.  I couldn't tell - as the ball flew past Neuer, if it was touched, then it should have been offside.  If it slipped by without being touched, it was a clean play.  But either way - finish the play, and THEN go back and complain.  Especially Rafinha - he might have had a chance to cut off Kiessling and maybe keep the ball out of the net.  Maybe not - Kiessling had good position - but Raf would at least have had a CHANCE if he'd been driving hard and tried to lunge at him.  Instead, he was turned towards the referee, waving his hands around.

The second B04 goal was frustrating, but at that point we had to push everyone forward for a chacne to score.  Honestly, this one was lost in the first 30 minutes - on the road against a tough opponent, you NEED to score if you get 3 or 4 good early chances.  If we'd gone up once, we could have forced Leverkusen to attack and taken advantage of the gaps in the back.  Instead, as me blew a few early chances, we got more frustrated, they get more confident, and it started to feel like we wouldn't be able to break through.


BITCH OF THE BUNCH: Rafinha, although a few made a case for it.


This is the first Leverkusen goal - again, looked like a good no-call, but maybe from a different angle, we'd see contact:

Back with more later, and I'll see if I can find a video of the second.  Please try to keep it clean in the comments. Also, note that in this comment system, it's possible to use someone else's name to post something rude or idiotic, so I'll take care of deleting and banning.  If something awful is posted, just trust that it will be removed in time, and ignore it.

Another issue that will be cleared up under the new platform, which is still on pace for a March roll-out.  We'll probably be in a Europa League spot by then.  Thanks for reading.

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Colin Saudi March 3rd, 2012 at 9:45 am

Neuer did well, but I will blame him for the first goal.
Rafinha should be let go. We are paying the price for not signing a good left back, as I mentioned in another thread.

When is Bastian coming back?

Ronsik March 3rd, 2012 at 12:31 pm

Phil thanks for the assurance but if someone used my name i fear for it,maybe i should name change officially,why!.Dortmund has luck,mainz scored in the 74th min then they scored in the 77th.I remember the juve game,pranjic would have done better as riberys replacement and mueller should have been in the hole and olic in front,better that way.Rafinah?Dont we have players in bayern 2?Eg jullich?Why cnt tymo or gustavo play CB then take boateng to RB?

glebe March 3rd, 2012 at 12:41 pm

That was embarrassing. Why Gomez came off for Ribery instead of Krood is mind boggling.

Akash_bayernfan_india March 3rd, 2012 at 12:42 pm

I give up…cant watch bayern go from bad to worse….I dont like Robben & i dont like ribery much….Gomez is a dumbass with a lot of luck….anyhow am disappointed that another season is going by without silverware….So bye bye guys…cant allow bayern to disappoint me again & again…will come back when Schweini returns…& we have a full fit squad firing on all cylinders…its meaningless to see bayern otherwise….

Havde March 3rd, 2012 at 1:05 pm

Akash_bayernfan_india: Hey you can still watch the home games.

Tomas March 3rd, 2012 at 1:28 pm

NO F%&KING COMMENT. WHat a complete disater our offense is. Maybe Robben should have played his DVD instead of showing up today. Someone pointed out that Gomez can only knock in balls that land at his feet??? If he can stay on his feet!
I need a run, sex and some beer to make me forget this crappy match. Thank god for Neuer and Lahm… it could have been worse if not for them!

Ronsik March 3rd, 2012 at 2:11 pm

Whats the matter with us?I think DvB and schweini made us strong,hope they are back asap.Neuer-boateng,DvB,badstuber,lahm-schweini,gustavo/tymo-robben/kroos,ribery,mueller and gomes with alaba as super sub was a dream team at begining till injuries began,we are in a swamp and i hope we get out especialy by winning the next 4 games by 2 goals

glebe March 3rd, 2012 at 3:39 pm

You know I was digging Kroos for a while but he has not done one single thing except take a few long shots since the winter break. I don’t even remember him completing a pass in the final third that whole game. of course i was half asleep at 7 am (Seattle). I only remember him trying to kick that ball in from the ground which was kinda cool.

* * * *

Chullalobo | March 4th, 2012 at 12:07 am e

Well I’m certainly not happy. Always thought Gomez was a lucky guy ( I mean who wouldn’t be scoring that much when everyone around you is running on all cylinders), Robben and Ribery gotta get it together because the talent is certainly there. Boateng needs to play as a right back when Van Buyten can play (Van Buyten is all the experience and leadership). Hopefully Schweini can come back and I’m seriously considering Lucien Favre at some point in time.

Ahmed Jaf | March 4th, 2012 at 3:18 am e

The minute I saw Muller and Boating argue, I had a gut feeling it’s over. Despite teh great performance in the first half of the first half, things didn’t seem to go right.
1-Robben is a great player, but his ego is getting in the way, it’s sad that a professional can not be selfless and understand that he doesn’t have to score to show talent. he could’ve been a great help. I liked him on the left, he felt comfortable instead of the predictable moves on the right that even a 7 year old knows.

2-Rebiery is also great, but he also is arrogant and selfish most of the time, We dont’ see Messi insisting on shooting when there is someone he can pass to, that is the difference between a great player and an occasional good player. And frank has a lot of calming down to do, what is wrong with you? why all that anger? Look at Lahm! have we seen him complain?

3-Rafihna was as shocking and horrible in every way, at time i wanted Lahm to switch with him, but then they will attack from the right! a great right back is needed, Bayern doesn’t have one.

4-Kroos, I really don’t get why he is a starter!! maybe defending midfield when important, if he knows how to paly that, but i dont’ even know why he is in the national team even!!

5- I like Lahm, Neur and Yupp A lot, of course Shviny is the other corner stone of the team.

6- Pranic, Ulic ( he’s good but old) Contento, should be sold and buy a couple of good players.

7- many others are not ready for the first team, despite their talent, they should be lent to other clubs to shape up.

Tactics i don’t discuss I totally respect the coach’s choices and trust them.

Hoss | March 4th, 2012 at 5:40 am

Phil…did u notice,,couple of times…when we failed to pick up the right pass?Muller didnt move the ball forward to Robben,,instead pass it to Ribery…in the wing…Robben was free and open..and had ,,just the goal keeper to beat,,,i must say,,dont blame the players,,blame the coach…We r forgetting the basics of attacking football…we r making our life hard…i didnt see ,,us playing a through ball…for months or more i guess…we need a player like Ozil…Kroos and Alaba may be our future..but now..not good enough..We r not playing attractive football at all..and cant win dirty either…We need to start a team,,where players understands and respects each other…I never thought i would ever say that,,but hats off to Dortmund…they can play nice and can win dirty…as well..even without Gotze..i m really disappointed… the management and the Coach are to blame…u might agree or disagree with me…but i know..i m not wrong…

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