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Match Day Chat Box: FC Bayern vs. Bayer 04 Leverkusen

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Line-ups have been announced, and the players are done warm-ups. Gol! TV is still doing ads, but we should be live in the BayArena within 15 minutes. For FC Bayern:


Mueller - Kroos - Robben

Alaba - Gustavo

Lahm - Badstuber - Boateng - Rafinha

For Leverkusen:

Augusto - Kiessling

Reinartz - Bender - Schurrle - Castro

Kadlek - Toprac - Friedrich - Schwaab


I thought we'd moved past the point where I even had to point this out, but any comments making racist, sexist, bigoted, or otherwise insanely stupid remarks will be immediately removed.  Individuals that can't refrain from making such comments will be banned.

Your Match Day Chat Box:

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Check back afterwards for video highlights.  Robben gets the starts - lets see if he can put some of the criticism to bed.

Viva viva FC Bayern!