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Match Day Chat Box: FC Bayern vs. FC Basel

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About an hour from kick-off in St. Jakob-Park in Basel, Switzerland. Before the line-ups, I want to add a follow-up to a post last week.

We mentioned the great new bwin commercial starring Uli, KHR and Karl Hopfner.  As a reminder, you can see it here:

What I neglected to post at the time (I’m still kicking myself) was this related clip:

Look at the three German guys at 0:14 - the resemblance is uncanny, no?

Anyway, line-ups…

For Bayern:


Ribery - Kroos - Robben

Alaba - Tymo

Lahm - Badstuber - Boateng - Raf

For Basel:

Streller - A. Frei

F. Frei - Xhaka - Huggel - Shaqiri

Ho - Dragovic - Abraham - Steinhofer


And your Chat Box:

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I’ll be at the bar, but I can check in later to fix tech issues and delete troll comments.  Viva Viva FC Bayern!