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Bold Predictions: FC Bayern vs. 1. FC Nürnberg

On the eve of a Bavarian derby, we ask some featured guest stars to weight in with big predictions. Can Bayern keep the winning streak alive?

Alexander Hassenstein

With first-place FC Bayern getting ready to battle FCN, we bring in some guest stars to analyze what might happen. As we explain in the video, everyone is asked to make a standard winner-score call, then to also make a "who knows, it might happen" bold prediction:

If you have a bold prediction of your own, leave it in the comment section. Keep in mind you won't be held to these - just a wild guess that could possibly come true. Also, in case you missed it, our last guest was Simon from Libero Football, a great resource for analysis and opinion pieces.

I'm going to catch a few hours of sleep, but we'll be back by 9 AM with the Match Day Thread. Thanks for reading.

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