FC Bayern Injury Updates, Oct 26th, 2012

There have been some recent developments on the injury front at FC Bayern, so I figured I would share what I've seen in the local papers.

Arjen Robben, who has been dealing with muscular problems that were being caused by an issue in his back, completed a full training with the team today, without experiencing any issues.

Heynckes will sit down with him tomorrow to determine whether it makes sense to include him on the active roster for Leverkusen, so it appears that he is really close. If that is the case, maybe he'll get 15 minutes at the end of the game, and give Mueller a rest.

Mario Gomez, whose return from a supposedly simple cleanup surgery on his ankle has been delayed by months, has been training hard on his own, doing sprinting, conditioning, and working on his shooting, and is supposed to join the team for part of the practice tomorrow. It's definitely too early for game action, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting a lot closer.

Heynckes has said that he plans to organize another test game (like the one on Thursday against Fuerstenfeldbruck) in order to get Gomez some match time. He was asked about letting Mario get some playing time in the Bayern II team, but didn't think that was a good idea, for psychological reasons (not really sure what that means).

Franck Ribery, who was essentially assaulted and battered by Lille last Tuesday, is questionable against Leverkusen due to muscular issues. Javier Martinez is having similar issues, and may not be ready for Sunday either.

And, last but definitely not least, David Alaba is almost back to full fitness, and, once that happens, Heynckes has stated that, not only is Alaba an option to play, but he is a starter. Because of the heavy schedule in the coming weeks, Jupp says Alaba will get his playing time.

In the last test game, Alaba played half the game at FB, and the other half in the midfield.

At times like these, with multiple players missing, it becomes apparent how deep Bayern's roster really is. What would have caused serious problems last season is being easily handled now.

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