No coverage of Bayern CL game on Fox Soccer - let's complain!

It's already been mentioned elsewhere on this site, but I wanted to make a separate post about it in order to encourage some people here to complain to Fox Soccer. Who knows, maybe enough complaints will get them to be a little more inclusive (and a little less EPL- and La Liga-centric).

As it stands, here are this week's matches which will not be shown in any form, live or replay:

FC Bayern - BATE Borisov

Juventus - Donetsk

Schalke - Montpellier

Galatasaray - Braga

Anderlecht - Malaga

Kiev - Zagreb

The first two, of course, are the biggest surprise, considering the history of these big clubs, both in their respective domestic competitions, and in the Champion's League.

The Schalke game is the other game with BL participation that isn't being shown (against the French champions, no less), and probably the only reason Dortmund made it on the schedule is that they're playing against Man City.

Here is the message I sent to Fox Soccer from their website (on the bottom of their page, you can click on Contact Us, and it will give you a form to fill out).

"This complaint is concerning your coverage of UEFA Champion's League soccer.

I went through your schedules (including Fox Soccer, FSC+, Fox Sports Southwest and FSSW+, and noticed that you are not showing one of the biggest and most successful clubs in Europe, FC Bayern Munich this week in their matchup against BATE Borisov.

Meanwhile, you are showing Spartak-Celtic (3 times), Barcelona-Benfica (7), ManU-Cluj (4), Chelsea-Nords (5), Dortmund-Man City (6), Olymp-Arsenal (5), Real Madrid-Ajax (6), AC Milan-Zenit (3), PSG-Porto (2) and, to add insult to injury, Lille-Valencia (the other clubs in Bayern's group, twice).

What is the purpose of showing other games over and over, while ignoring 6 of the matches completely? And, of those 6 matches, two of them involve two of the biggest teams in the world (Bayern and Juventus).

Please look into this, and broadcast as many games as possible."

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