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FC Bayern Limps to Ugly Loss, 3-1 (with Video)

Alright, an ugly loss for FC Bayern, but let’s keep perspective. We’re still in first place in the Bundesliga. Keep in mind we suffered an angry-making loss to this same opponent in week 1, only to then go on a winning streak where we looked amazing over the next 2 months. Hell, it might even be good to get a wake-up call.

Some post-game thoughts:

- Our “trailing on the score-board, we need an offensive spark” formation is just pathetic.  We try to come back from a 2-goal or 3-goal deficit by … substituting a slow, defensive player with a slightly-less-slow defensive player?  Why are Olic and Petersen left on the bench?  Especially Olic - why is he even drawing a paycheck if the manager won’t bring him in when we need an offensive boost in the second half?  That’s the EXACT situation we need him for.

- Clearly, the first goal was all Neuer, but honestly the whole defense has a lot to answer for today.  Lahm was out of position and jogging back during the build-up to the 2nd ‘Gladbach goal.

- For everyone riding the Toni Kroos train, it’s only fair to note that he now has 2 goals in his last 43 Bundesliga matches (34 starts + 9 substitute appearances).  Over the course of that time, he’s taken 74 shots to find the back of the net twice, good for a goal-scoring ratio of 2.7 percent.  And just so we’re clear, you don’t get any points for “dangerous looking shot that’s juuuust over the bar” (although, if you did, he’d be the best player on the planet).

- Credit to ‘Gladbach, they did everything they had to in order to get the points.  If we get BMG fans who are here to talk football, try to be respectful - obviously, they deserve to celebrate a big win, and they did a good job today.  If we get BMG fans who just want to cuss and insult and stir up trouble, just ignore them.  Keep in mind a small club like ‘Gladbach doesn’t have any good blogs on which to celebrate.

Anyway, some video:

This one should have all 4 goals.  Looking at it now … man, Bastian barely converted that last one.  Eight inches higher and it would have bounced back off the bar.

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