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Guten Tag!

As Phil mentioned in his last post, I will be handling the regular preview and post game notes for the upcoming match against SC Freiburg while he is out for a much deserved vacation. In the meantime, I just wanted to put up a brief introductory post about myself so you know a bit about this crazy, new stranger babbling about Bayern Munich.
So here are a few facts about yours truly:

- I am a Junior in college, studying Mechanical Engineering.

- I love playing sports but oddly enough, football/soccer is by far my worst. (For those curious, volleyball is actually the sport I play best. And if any of you follow me on any of the popular social networking sites, you’ve probably heard me talk about it more than you would prefer).

- I am extremely proud of my German heritage.

- My journey as a football fan only began during the 2008 Euro Cup. So I am totally lost when you old timers who have seen Bayern Munich (and the National Team) play since the early 1900’s, start talking about someone named Oliver Kahn or Gerd Müller. Kidding. Of course I know who our best CB’s were…

- Last of all, I must tell you that my allegiance lies first and foremost with Die Nationalelf (that’s actually how I became a fan of FC Bayern). They are fondly referred to as "my boys", and I tend to talk about them a lot. I know this is a Bayern Munich blog, so I’ll try to keep that in check. Although, 8 of the FC Bayern players are on the National Team, so we do have some legitimate interest in the happenings of the NT.

* * * *
Oh look! A perfect opportunity to transition into the Germany vs. Austria game. For those of you that weren’t able to see it, it was a beauty. Because I couldn't figure out how to embed the video directly into the post, the link to the full match highlights is below:

Germany vs. Austria (6-2)

Phil covered the key parts of this match already. All I really have to add is that Ozil was phenomenal, again. The vision he has on the field is beautiful. As a few of you were lamenting in the comments earlier this week; how did anyone let him leave the Bundesliga? At least he plays for Real Madrid though. I am a fan of anyone who hates Barcelona.
Also, I have yet to see a good angle of the first goal that Ozil scored. Klose acted like he scored it, but it appears to me that he only fractionally touched the ball; if at all.

If I have time, I will post a little recap of the friendly against Poland on Tuesday. Given that they aren’t playing for anything, I’m not really sure who will be starting. I’d like to see Schurrle and Gotze get a lot of minutes in that match.



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