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FC Bayern 2 - 0 Manchester City (with Video Highlights)

A great game all around from Bayern. The first 10-12 minutes were a little nervy, I admit, but after both teams settled in, it was clear who were the better side. Gomez gets him name into the sheet twice, but for my money it was Ribery and Kroos who really controlled the attack and put everything together.

Although van Buyten wouldn’t be the first choice if everyone were healthy, I think it was the midfield who really dropped the ball in the first two minutes, given Manchester City a couple of (half) chances.  But once we got going, Bayern’s superiority was fairly clear, with a majority of possession and almost every decent chance going our way.  Bastian and Kroos both had decent looks that went a little high, but in the 38th minute, Gomez made no mistake:

Hart actually played this as well as he could have, making two good saves.  It was really just good hustle by Bayern to get into the right place at the right time.

Still looking for a video of the second goal, I’ll post when it become available.  If you get a clip of that, or if you have other things you think need discussed, or if you were at the bar today and I gave you the URL, my email address is  Back with a little more analysis later.

Welcome to the Champions League, Citizens.

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UPDATED - several readers pointed out links to the second Gomez goal. DvB with a nice header, and another decent save for Hart. Whoever was supposed to mark Gomez just let him slither away:

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