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Video Fun

The video’s title says it all: 2011 Audi handover cars to FC Bayern München:

Yeah. I guess this is, like, a "thing" - the Audi corporation shows off their newest model year A4 and A6, and gives a few of them to the club, as fans stand by and cheer and ask for autographs.

This was posted two hours ago on youtube by "Fourtitube - the channel for Audi enthusiasts." From what I gathered, I was the first "view." I’m thinking it didn’t take place yesterday, though, because (1) Ribery is still on crutches, and (2) Olic is there and appears to be standing/walking normally. I can’t get any of the details, not because I don’t speak good German (which I don’t), but because I don’t have sound on my computer at work.

A few things can be ascertained, though:

- The team bus has Audi and Adidas logos pasted all over it, but apparently isn’t made by Audi. I guess 15-ton vehicles aren’t their thing.

- Dutch is apparently written right-to-left? Or at least, Arjen Robben’s brief autograph/initials are (check 1:13). Also, he appears to be left-handed.

- Both the Germans and the Dutch seemingly wear wedding rings on their right hands? In the States, we do it on the left. Maybe the video is a reverse negative and everything should be facing the other direction. But all the words appear to be proper. I’m getting dizzy thinking about it.

- Tymoschuk wears his shirts two sizes smaller than everyone else (check 3:02).

- Some little blonde kid is really excited to get Robben’s signature (0:40).

If any German speakers want to listen in and tell me when I’m missing, please do so in the comments. Are the players just talking about how much they love Audi cars?

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One more, from Flipish - from the day of the CL Draw:

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