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FC Bayern 5 - 0 Hamburg SV (with Video)

Easily the best performance of the (current) Jupp Heynckes era today, as Bayern steamrolled Hamburg SV to pick up the win. Die Roten controlled from pretty much the opening touch, as Humburg's attack could generate nothing and Bayern looked dangerous every time we touched the ball.

The club will certainly be studying the film from this match to understand how it looks when everything is working. There are a number of explanations as to why our offense looked so creative and effective today, and part of it certainly might be just that Hamburg overplayed and chased too much on defense. But I think a big part of our offensive explosion was that some of the middle and back players (Schweinsteiger, Tymo, Lahm and Rafinha) were making quick, aggressive passes, rather than just making a "safe" pass. When we bog down into that slow ball-control game, it always seems like the midfielders and backs are looking to make a pass that can't be intercepted (often short, sideways or backward). These passes have no chance of letting the other side snatch the ball away, but also have little chance of springing a wing or striker for a good shot attempt.

Today, we looked a little more willing to make an aggressive through balls or one-two balls. Of course, when you get an early lead, it's easier to be aggressive. van Buyten's goal came from a clinical header, and after that everyone seemed to take confidence. Ribery's goal was a great bit of patience. A younger player might have panicked and just hacked the ball at the goal, but Ribery showed some veteran savvy in holding the ball, then calmly taking a sideways dribble, then slotting it into the net. Robben and Gomez both showed great skill in finding the net through small spaces - Robben had to take two dribbles and then chip into the corner, Gomez was able to slide it in from a tight angle. Olic's header was precise and sharp, but of course it was immediately overshadowed by watching him limp off.

As good as the forwards were, I think it's worth acknowledging the defense as well.  Hamburg looked completely hapless when they had the ball.  Not only did Neuer have little to do, even the CBs were basically just on mop-up duty: on the rate occasions when HSV got the ball in our side, they had one or two guys trying to plow through three or more defenders.  The few times they were called upon, our back line was up to the challenge.  Keep in mind we've only allowed one goal in 4 games now, and that was on a fluke/mistake play.  To see the last time our defense was actually broken down and beaten, you have to go back to the pre-season.

This was a pretty perfect day all around.  If you had to pick a down point, it would be Thomas Muller's bungling of a few chances.  I don't really mind the two time he knocked over the bar (they all do that sometimes, really), but late in the first half he had a chance to lay the ball off to Gomez for an easy goal, and instead chose to try to dribble through himself.  The ball ended up getting knocked away, and the chance was lost.  In a game like today, they can just laugh it off.  But that's a bad habit to get into.

They only other possible negative was Olic coming up with a knock, but he later returned and seemed to be moving OK by the end of the match.  Nice to see him get his name on the sheet, too.  Anyway, here are the videos that I found - if we come across more, we'll post later.  Thanks for reading.

van Buyten's header. Take heed, o ye of little faith:

Ribery's goal. Like I said, some veteran savvy here:

Robben's goal - a great bit of skill, and he seems to be finding his form:

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