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Match Day Thread: FC Bayern vs. Zurich (Updated Again)

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First leg begins in 1 hour, and Arjen Robben will play. The club’s official site quotes Philipp Lahm as saying a 2-0 result is needed. Personally, I think I’d be happy at 1-0, but everyone loves goals. The Bayern site also describes Zuürich manager Urs Fischer as a "die hard" Bayern supporter since childhood who says "I've always really liked the club, and Franz Beckenbauer was my idol."

Interesting line-up for Bayern, if is to be believed.  They list the players in order of uniform number, and they have us like this:











Same as our standard line-up, but with Kroos in place of Müller.  Go ahead and put me in the “anti” camp right now.  I understand you have to get creative to work everyone in, but if Müller is on the bench - back to the drawing board.

Nothing has appeared on the club’s side or Soccernet as far as a line-up, so maybe this is just a ruse.

I’ll be at the bar, so not commenting much, but if anything big happens I can hopefully summarize.  Viva viva FC Bayern!

*  *  *  *

Bayern 1 - 0 Zurich at the half.  The goal was a precise header from Bastian, off of a cross from Robben that was slightly deflected.


After that, Bayern had a few opportunities but failed to capitalize.  Gomez has looked as clumsy as ever. 

Back with more after conclusion.  One more goal would be great here in the 2d half.

* * * *

2-0 Bayern is your final. Here's Robben's second half goal:

A good enough result, and leaves us feeling confident. But still some kinks to be worked out in the offense.

* * * *

Hello, loyal readers. I hope their never comes a time when we need to fight amongst ourselves, but even if there were, it's definitely not after a game where we just won by 2 goals and probably stampted our tickets to the Champions League. Criticizing Bayern players and coaches if fine, I doubt they will ever read this. But you must refrain from attacking and insulting each other.

Gomez is a controversial player. Try to explain why you think he's good or useless using evidence, rather than attacking other readers for failing to see it your way.