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FC Bayern Topples Stuttgart, 2-1 - Recap and Video

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Bayern beat VfB Stuttgart with a second half goal from Bastian Schweinsteiger, but it wasn't enough to move up into second place, as Leverkusen also won. The game was fairly interesting, with Bayern controlling all the possession early, Stuttgart striking first with a great cross and finish, Bayern clawing their way back with a Gomez goal, and several good chances following before Bastian scored the winner.

Goal video follows:

I thought Robben played great again, he created dangerous chances practically every time he touched the ball. Butt also had a few great saves. I would have loved to slide into second place (the announcer mentioned there's a 9 million Euro difference from the Champions League proceeds for getting an auto-group-stage pass?), but finishing with three wins on the bounce is pretty good. Gomez leads the BL in goals with 28, and Bayern scores the most of any team with 81.

Back with more later, just wanted to put up some video and throw out early thoughts. Have a great Saturday.