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Postcard From Milan


Hi there. Are you missing me yet? Me, part of the problem? You’re either part of the solution or part of the precipitate, man. Of course it’s funny, maybe not to you because your team doesn’t seem to have any chemistry. Oh, a leadership vacuum you say? Well, let me tell you something-I would have given that Peszko fella a permanent limp. And maybe Brecko too for good measure. But I would have found a way to do it without getting a card. Then again, maybe not. Sometimes the ol’ red card will fire a team up. Make em’ organize their defense a little more. Bayern never lost a match when I got a red card, look it up! Would love to chat more, but I got some ossobucco with my name on it over here. Blow some snot on Tymo for me..

In other news our amateurs aren’t looking any better..

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