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Match Day Thread: FC Bayern vs. FC Augsburg

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Bayern's visit to Augsburg will kick off in 12 hours, and is being broadcast live on Gol! TV. No final line-up has been released yet, but hints have been leaking out. Jupp Heynckes told the club's official site that he would prefer a "like-for-like" solution - IE, he would rather plug one guy into the Bastian role and leave everyone else as they were. This doesn't answer the question entirely, but it does make it less likely that Toni Kroos would be moved back into the CDM spot (that would require several other changes up front), and less likely that the squad would line up in a 4-1-4-1 or some other type of funky new-look formation.

If these hints are true (again, nothing is known for sure until tomorrow) our options would be as follows: (1) plug Danijel Pranjic into the CDM spot, (2) plug Alaba into the CDM spot, or (3) play Tymoschuk and Gustavo next to each other in the midfield.  Several outlets have implied that this last option is the one that will get the nod.  Of course, even if this is true, it could always change once we come back from the international break. With more practice time, a formation that requires more changes aside from the "6" spot is a bigger possibility.

The club's site also states that the squad is making the short trip up the street to Augsburg by bus.  This is a seemingly favorable match-up for Bayern, but with Bastian's absence, nothing can be taken for granted.  After Dortmund's big win today, anything less than a win tomorrow would leave us with a hangover during the upcoming international break.

Viva viva FC Bayern!