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Match Day Thread: FC Bayern vs. SSC Napoli

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Nearing two hours until kick-off, and line-ups are still not announced yet. We learned yesterday (or, rather, I learned - several readers already knew) that Gargano is injured for Napoli. It appears that Blerim Dzemaili will deputize in the defensive-midfielder spot. If our two middies + Kroos can hold the ball show some patience, this presents an excellent opportunity for the Bayern offense.'s preview quotes Kroos as noting Napoli's somewhat unorthodox formation: "Their wide players are more like out-and-out wingers than wing back, so who should mark them - our attackers, or our defenders?"  Well, someone better figure that out in a hurry, Toni.

Check back after the match for a recap and video highlights.  Viva viva FC Bayern!