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The End of the Braafheid Era


Tuesday evening brought the news that Edson Braafheid would transfer to Hoffenheim after a 19 match career at FC Bayern Munich. The end came somewhat suddenly for Louis van Gaal’s hand-picked successor to the throne at left back, acquired in the summer of 2009 for €2 million that could have been spent on Robben tights, remedial hairstyle counseling for Contento or the expansive water bill at Allianz Arena. Until Tuesday, it seemed that no one wanted him; now Hoffenheim has him until 2014.

But as commentators look back at the Braafheid era, they will find it difficult to pick just one high point. Perhaps it was his incredible streak of playing in 3 straight Bundesliga matches in weeks 3-5 of last season. Or perhaps the fact that he managed to play 149 minutes in Bayern’s 09-10 Champions League campaign without preventing the team from making the final (Bayern didn’t score a single goal in that span, dare you ask).

But after a long deliberation, I now present you, the loyal readers of Bayern Offside, with my choice for the greatest moment in the career of Edson Braafheid at FC Bayern:

Ok, ok..if you really want to get technical about it, I suppose he did do something right, once.

So for those who would dare to cast aspersions on him, may you remember well the following credo:

Edson Braafheid: He made one more penalty in the Audi Cup than you’ll ever make.

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