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Training Video: Gustavo Nosing Ahead of Tymoshchuk?

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Here are your teams for today’s 6 on 6 action:

Bayern Blue: Butt: Ottl, Contento, Braafheid Tymoshchuk, Klose

Bayern Orange: Kraft: Van Buyten, Gustavo, Robben, Altintop, Gomez

Several banged up players didn’t take part, and it is dangerous to read too much into training match teams, but you will get the sense this is a “1st team vs 2nd team” set up, and if that’s so, it may mean that Gustavo has his nose ahead of Tymo for a spot in the starting 11 on Saturday..

Probably the best pass you’ll see all season from Braafheid, and Robben comes close to breaking the post in half in part 2..