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The Haas Promotion: What Does It Mean?

If you were watching closely, you will have noticed that Bayern has finally updated the pro roster on its official website (although numbers are missing). Most everything would look about right until you got to the name Maximilian Haas.

Even if you know some of the Bayern II players, you may not have heard of Haas. Haas is 24, entering his fourth season at Bayern, and has been quite a versatile player for the amateurs. A season ago however, he became a fixture at the center back position.

Haas with ex-amateur coach Mehmet Scholl

Haas with ex-amateur coach Mehmet Scholl

And if that brief summary doesn’t convince you he’s another amateur star in the making–well, you’re probably right. So why would he get a roster spot?

I’m sure the most popular interpretation would be that it’s a signal that Bayern are going to move Demichelis, and therefore Haas would be necessary roster depth at center back. It’s possible, but it is also just as likely a cover for Breno, as we know very little about the timetable for his return.

Of course all that assumes LvG would actually consider playing Haas in a pro match. And I honestly don’t think he would. So, I think the explanation here is simply that they’ve got to get another German player into the roster to comply with the regulations. So as you’re watching arrivals and departures in this transfer season, expect some departures to be German and the arrivals to be non-German.

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