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Corchia Interview Confirms Negotiations Are On

Some Munich sources have already picked up on a L’Equipe interview with Le Mans right back Sébastien Corchia. The clear implication is that Corchia seeks to leave Le Mans, and Bayern are unquestionably in the driver’s seat for his services. Stay tuned.

Tymoshchuk Speaks

A Ukrainian soccer site published a long interview (translation a bit bumpy) with Anatoliy Tymoshchuk yesterday. He does not present himself as a guy who is negotiating an imminent transfer, or even someone who really wants out at all. If Tymo is on his way out, he’s certainly doing a nice job concealing it.

Distant Replays

In case you missed it yesterday, I’d like to invite you to have a look at a side project I’ve been working on, Distant Replays. The first article tells the story of a 1960 match between FC Bayern Munich and a club called the New York Americans.

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