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Friday Fun: Speaking of Sex: Louis van Gaal

It was just 13 days ago that Louis van Gaal, the Fighter, appeared ready to bite the head off a Sky interviewer in the post match interview in Nürnberg. But in his Audi Star Talk appearance Thursday night, it was time to make way for Louis van Gaal, the Lover as he talked about his wife:

Translation: “We have a lot of fun together. But also a lot of arguments. (crowd applauds for strife or honest depiction of marriage, take your pick.) Truus is very sweet, she knows me very well. And I will always be spoiled. She’s very good at that. It is also important that we regularly make love to each other!”

Special award to the director for his cinematic dissolve to Truus van Gaal at just the right moment to catch her rather astonished reaction.