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Maradona to Müller: This Press Conference is MINE

Now, I can’t understand a thing that Diego Maradona is trying to say here (and who can, really), but this is just hilarious: The “very important” Argentine manager refuses to share the press conference table with Thomas Müller.

For added hilarity, imagine that Müller farted right after he sat down. Now that is classic humor. Maradona claimed not to have known who Müller was, which seems a dubious explanaion at best. Maradona is unpredictable, but perhaps sharing the same ego space as Louis van Gaal caused a mid-ego collision, and this was the result.

One more roundup

Overlooked by me yesterday, both Diego Contento and Mehmet Ekici played the full match for Germany’s U20 team in Berlin against Switzerland. Ekici’s 81st minute goal was the equalizer in a match that ended 1:1. I’ll be damned if I can find any video of it though. Also of note was that Cologne defender Christopher Schorch, a possible starter in the match on Saturday, left the match with a knee injury.

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