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Genealogical Research Shows Ribery and Favre Are Cousins

familytree2Ok, I’m not going to go any further than the headline in pulling your legs. And apologies to all our readers who are unfamiliar with America’s favorite and least favorite 40 year old gridiron star. But the comparison is becoming almost too easy to make. Let’s count them.

First, the French and/or Cajun-ness. Check and Check.

Distracting feud with coach? Check and Check.

Known as a merry prankster, check and check.

And notorious for sending mixed signals on what the next step in his career is.

Yes, our favorite Franck is back to sort of hinting he would consider staying in Munich. As Christian Nerlinger wages war on wages, how much sense does this make? Or are we supposed to get all jumpy and hopeful that the wage dumping is being done in order to keep Ribery? Unfortunately, the sheer volume of off-field rumor and innuendo is beginning to damage his on the field reputation in the eyes of a lot of fans. But I guess that doesn’t matter in the Euro sign scheme of things, does it? As Favre showed, you can just kind of show up wherever you want and have the best season of your career, quickly putting all the drama in the rear view mirror. As for Ribery, it might be time for him to start making some news with his play too.

Gomez: Minor injury

You knew the rules from last season, as soon as a striker leaves, it’s time for the others to get hurt. So, Mario Gomez decided to acquire a thigh injury. I wouldn’t get concerned unless they hold him out of the friendly next week.

Polling ends Saturday

If you haven’t had the chance to vote in any of our Bayern Offside polls, time is running out. I’m going to keep the polls open until Saturday, and then Sunday we’ll have a round up post announcing all our end of year and end of decade award winners. If you’ve already voted, thanks!

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