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Don’t Cry For Martin Demichelis

By now, many readers have probably already come across reports about Martin Demichelis’ most recent interview with kicker. In case you’ve missed it here’s a recap. Let’s pick out some of the highlights, using the translated quotes..

“Life in Germany is still hard for me, I miss quite a few things from Argentina. I live here alone with my wife and son and I don’t have any South American friends in the squad anymore.”

Yep, it must be terrible that you can no longer go out and eat empanadas till the wee hours with Sosa, and instead have to go home to this night after night..(probably NSFW)

“There was another player who was injured and then came straight back in,” he added. “That made it clear to me that I am not important to this team and the coach.”

Readers might remember that I covered this topic to a degree in late October, which was when Demichelis started his bitching onslaught. But, let’s remind Martin in vain once again. The injured player he is referring to is the team captain, who happens to be the same nationality as the coach. That might explain some difference in treatment. But let’s not forget. Mark van Bommel didn’t come straight back in, he went up to Regensburg and played a friendly with a bare bones crew! Toni had to endure the supposed indignity of a match with the amateurs and the Regensburg friendly. Demichelis continues

“I was disappointed and wanted the same treatment as Mark. If I am not important for the team, then I would rather go home.”

Really? You would have preferred to go off and play a match against Burghausen or someone? Maybe you should have shown enough leadership to be chosen captain over a guy who had only been with the club a season and a half. Although it seems we are now seeing why you couldn’t.

“I think I am the first player in the world who plays first for the national team and then for his club,”

Actually, Martin if you looked across the practice field, you would see someone who is in exactly the same position.

Still don’t see him? Ok, I’ll give you a hint.


Here is what Miroslav Klose has said about playing for his country but sitting for his club:

That’s right, nothing. Because unlike you Martin, he’s actually a class act. And when he does get an opportunity, he takes it. Like today in Basel.

Also let’s not forget, it has always been Demichelis who put his national team aspirations ahead of the club. As Demichelis said in the kicker interview: “The coach wanted to play with Van Buyten and Badstuber.

I’ve got a theory as to why. So in March of ‘08, Hitzfeld tells Demichelis he’s going to play in the midfield. Demichelis flatly refuses, fearful that playing in the midfield against Cottbus will get him dropped from the Argentine national squad. Hitzfeld removes Demichelis from the squad and fines him.

Let’s compare this to Daniel van Buyten, quoted on the official FC Bayern website after moving to striker in the closing moments and scoring the winning goal against Eintracht Frankfurt in October:

"I said to the coach weeks ago that I could go forward for the final minutes if he wanted me to,"

Oh the contrast. Once again, this tells us about who has the individual character that is always needed to succeed at the highest level, and of course who doesn’t have it.

Perhaps the greatest absurdity is that despite his litany of complaints, Demichelis has played every minute of the long Bayern win streak that started against Maccabi Haifa. He did in fact get his job back, though most any observer would tell you that he’s been the worst Bayern player on the pitch in most if not all of those matches. Why would he choose this moment to renew his perceived slight in the public arena? What does he possibly have to gain from this? Well, he has gained one thing: this writer’s permanent disdain.

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