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First Half; Bayern 1 - 1 Hoffenheim

Olic scored in the 25th minute to put Bayern on top 1-0 in the first half. However, a series of mistakes and people not covering their men lead to Edu scoring in the 41st minute and bringing the score 1-1 before the half. The goal by Edu shouldn't have happened. It was a goal I could've made on my FIFA Soccer 2008 and that's not saying a whole lot. ;) Captain Dutch wasn't happy at all with the performance and pushed a lot more forward, ending up in the defense to clear the ball away himself. I'd love to hear what he has to say and the coach has to say at the half.

Pranic might take some of the focus off of van Bommel as far as aggressiveness goes. Maybe someone else will have a share of yellows as well. He's pretty aggressive and does some things that probably would've gotten Mark in trouble. I wonder how often he'll get booked.

Some commenting has gone on Luke's Lineup post. Feel free to leave your thoughts here as well on the second half. Here's hoping the second half will show a better performance.

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