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So August 4th is a good day all around on the Bayern Offside. First, I learn that my wonderful Captain Dutch will retain his captaincy and I am very pleased by this whole ordeal. I can't express enough how happy this makes me. I will enjoy another season of watching him make me proud.

"We have been observing his behaviour on and off the field over the last four weeks and the influence he has on the club and on the squad,'' explained Van Gaal's right-hand man Andries Jonker on the club's website.
And Van Gaal is pleased to have Van Bommel conveying his orders on the field. "The players accept him like a captain,'' he added.


In the offseason not only was Bayern doing their scouting and making purchases and trades, but I was doing a little bit of scouting of my own. I have gone over nearly all my previous entries and the comments to those entries. After much consideration, I am pleased to announce the addition of loyal reader and commenter, Luke, to the Bayern Offside. He will share co-blogging duties with me in an effort to bring you the best Bayern blog on the net.

Welcome aboard Luke!