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One more transfer for the road!..

Update II 17:15 CET Both Süddeutsche and Sky Sports are confirming the deal, and this story out of the Netherlands (translated) quotes Robben on the transfer. Analysis to come following the CL draw.

Update: 15:45 CET. TZ, which seems to have had a bead on this story from the start, is reporting that it’s a done deal. German version of their reporting here, Google translation here Only caveat here is that, as we know from Diego, when dealing with player-fathers as agents, you never know till pen meets paper.

TZ-Online is reporting that Bayern have interest in acquiring another Real Madrid star–Arjen Robben! No one Everyone else seems to have picked up this particular story, though rumors are swirled all over the English press about a Robben move to Manchester United, or possibly Liverpool. I can’t make a lot of sense out of it, but I would have a nickname for him: “Santa Cruz Jr.” Make sure you stop by a little later today, we’ll hope to have some analysis up about the Champions League Draw (our last time in Pot 1?), and hopefully it will be more sophisticated than “Oh $*&, 3 teams we can’t possibly defend against!”. Cheers, bis bald.