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Bayern 0 - 1 Bremen; First Half

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I have to keep reminding myself that this is a team that hasn't really had much playing time together and that it's going to take them a little bit to become a cohesive unit.

Just my two cents:
Weise, in my opinion really isn't a great goalkeeper.
I keep hoping Rensing will surprise me, but so far no luck. I keep looking for the features that Oli Kahn sees him, but I just can't find them.
I think at some point Philipp Lahm will make a great Captain, but I haven't seen any leadership from him today that makes me think he's ready for that. I would've preferred Schweini as second Captain I think. Lahm has to do better going forward.
Mario is bound to bag a goal sooner or later if he keeps trying like he is.
The passing has been just short of insanely terrible.
I am glad to see Miro back. Hope he will fall into place once he's back on the pitch for awhile.
I haven't seen anything that makes me think Bayern deserves a win over Bremen unless they pull off something drastic in the second half.

Here's hoping the second half is a little more productive. I'll be curious to see if/when van Gaal brings on Franck.