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Lucio gone for good.

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Bayern have agreed to release Lucio from his remaining year on contract which has led to him signing either a three or five year deal with the Italian side; Inter Milan. The team refused offers from Inter in the beginning as they were only offering to take Lucio on trades of other players. However, Bayern declined saying they would only accept cash. Inter returned with the cash and now they have agreed. They will not disclose the transfer fee amount though.

I can't say I'm saddened by all of this. I have never really liked Lucio much anyways. I'm really glad he's gone. And I can't say my DvB loving heart is disappointed by the departure of Lucio either. ;)

Aside from the ongoing Lucio saga, we've also had to deal with all the rumblings of interest in Franck Ribery from Real Madrid. You might be happy to know that the internal club deadline for Ribery's transfer expired on Wednesday so he will be with Bayern for at least one more year.