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Trio Departure

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This summer FC Bayern are hoping to sale Tim Borowski, Christian Lell and Andreas Ottl in hopes of raising some money to make a bid for Chelsea full-back Jose Bosingwa.

"We are holding talks, but we still need the approval of Chelsea," Rummenigge told Kicker magazine. "He is one of the best right full-backs around."

I can't say that I'm disappointed by the sale of Lell. I am not a fan and would've loved to see him leave Bayern long ago. He is dirty on the pitch more often than not and I won't even go into what I think of him off the pitch.

In other news, there is a response on the Official Bayern Website about an article that ran in Sport BILD magazine dated 17 June 2009. In the article, it was printed that the supervisory board had decided that Franck Ribéry would be allowed to leave the club for an appropriate transfer fee and not obligated to remain at the club. This was an untrue story and the Board of Directors has responded by releasing some facts on the official site.