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Pre Season Info

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Although we haven't been on break for long and yet it feels like forever, Bayern will be back in training on July 1. However, young Mr. Rensing has found it necessary to hit practice a little early in hopes of finding his way back inbetween the pipes for Bayern when the season kicks off. Rensing sat out for the last two months. He also has a minor injury to his finger, but is working on that through therapy and training. We'll see how it all works out in the end, but you'll have to forgive me for being skeptical.

Bayern’s pre-season schedule:
1 July: Training resumes
10 July: Friendly v Red Bull Salzburg (A)
11 July: Dream Game 2009: FCB v De rodn Waginga fan club
16-24 July: Training camp in Donaueschingen
18-19 July: T-Home Cup 2009 (in Gelsenkirchen)
21 July: Friendly v Stuttgarter Kickers (A)
24 July: Friendly v FC Köln (A)
25 July: Friendly v McFit Allstars (in Gelsenkirchen)
29-30 July: Audi Cup 2009 (Allianz Arena)
1-2 August: DFB Cup first round
7-9 August: Bundesliga Matchday 1
26 August: Friendly v Union Berlin (A)