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Bayern 1 - 2 Cologne

Yesterday I took some time out and went out in the mountains in a beautiful day for a whole day of riding out in the lovely desert. It was a much needed break so I set the dvr to record the game and am now watching it. How entertaining that one of the very few starts for Podolski have came against his team of choice, Cologne. He doesn't really deserve it, but that's another story. Luca Toni had to sit this one out due to injury. Of course, it would figure that I take a day off and they start my big beautiful Belgian Bull... Daniel van Buyten. This pleases me.

This game also brings back Massimo Oddo. Thank goodness. I had seen enough of Lell to last me a lifetime. The first free kick awarded to Cologne came as the ref called a foul against Mark and for once I think he was actually just doing his job and it shouldn't have been a foul, but when you are van Bommel, you tend to get stupid calls against you because of what you're known for.

Random thought of the day: I don't know the rules for numbers in the leagues, but it got me thinking since Podolski is living would Miro change to 11 since that's his number of choice? Schweini took a free kick, but put it right in the hands of the goal keeper.

I've noticed some lax in Demichelis' play and I'm wondering if he hasn't somehow picked up an injury because he keeps holding his hip. Miroslav Klose scored with a gorgeous diving header, but they disallowed the goal. I'm not entirely sure why and neither is the announcer, but it appears that Miro just might be back on his game.

Cologne go one up by a goal. Once again Rensing was too far out of his goal and this time Demichelis didn't do a thing to stop it. Lovely defending by him. Lately I haven't been very happy with his way of play so I'm not real surprised by this. At 25 minutes Daniel van Buyten was given a yellow card and I'm still a little cloudy about that. It wasn't shown so I don't know exactly what happened. When they showed him the yellow there were no cologne players around, but the announcer said it was deserving. I don't like it when they don't show what's happening.

Demichelis is having a pretty bad game, but I don't know that I'd put in Lucio or not because Demichelis is usually better, but this is just a bad game. Cologne have scored again. I am just really, really disappointed in Rensing lately. And he can say everyone needs to stop talking about how poorly he's doing, but he's the one that has to step up and give us something else to talk about then.

Oddo just received a yellow for sliding into Ehret, but it wasn't intentional at all. He was just committed to the ball and I don't think he intended to hurt him. Pezzoni was just given a yellow as well for hitting van Bommel, but I don't think it was deserving of a yellow though.

It seems the opponents have finally figured out that you have to shut down Ribery and you're pretty much good. They've been doing that the last few games and he's been unable to score which seems to be a problem for Bayern.

At the half, Cologne lead 2-0. The second half started with Hamit Altintop coming on for Bastian Schweinsteiger and Landon Donovan coming on for Lukas Podolski. We got to see the return of angry Klose as he just pushed someone. He rarely plays this way, but when he gets his bitch on, he sure gets mad. Can't say I blame him much after the first goal being disallowed.

Klose injured McKenna from Cologne. He stepped on the foot of his that he has already injured his ankle. It looked like it hurt him a fair deal and he's receiving some treatment on the sides while they figure out if he can go on or not.

Bayern haven't played well at all the first half. Hopefully this half will go better, but we'll see what happens. Rensing finally makes a good save about 54 minutes in. See what happens when the keeper stays on his line and not out of it? You actually have a chance to save the ball.

Ribery had a good chance to pass the ball to a completely unmarked van Bommel, but got stopped before he had a chance. van Bommel threw his head in his hands in response. Tim Borwoski comes on at 64 minutes for Ze Roberto.

The second half has been pretty much the same as the first, without all the goals by Cologne. Poor possession, poor passing, not enough attacking. Borowski had a chance, but just go it outside to the net. Miroslav Klose was wide open if he had passed to him, it probably would've been a goal. That goal that was taken away is looking pretty important right now.

Gorgeous header by one of my very favorite guys, van Buyten. Gorgeous header. He's been brilliant his last games. This pleases me very much. :) At least there's something to be happy about in this game because it's kind of a beautiful disaster right now.

There was a free kick given to Bayern and van Buyten hit the wall, as did Ribery but van Bommel had a great opportunity that was stopped by Cologne's keeper. van Buyten is all over now. He's trying to make something happen, but Bayern can't seem to hang on.

van Buyten nearly scored with another gorgeous header, but it was just wide of the goal. And with that the game is over and Cologne walk away with a 2-1 victory over Bayern. Though it should've ended at least in a tie, but it's a little late for that. van Buyten has, in my opinion, earned the right to play another game, but we'll see what happens come Wednesday.

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