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Tuesday: Abomination

pooI don’t think the match requires a whole lot of analysis. Those of you who’d like to engage in that sort of thing are welcome to do some in the comments, but I’m going to refrain from it here. I’ve been more hesitant than most to indict this squad for its uninspired play, and this coach for his arrogant and single-minded decision making. But this performance opens the door for criticism from top to bottom. I still believe that the players are more of the problem than the coach. But this was a match where, by late in the 2nd half, I was running through the short list of old Bayern players who could take to the bench in January if necessary. It’s not an inspiring thought.

This is no time for reasoned analysis. So please dear readers, feel free to add your verbal vomit, expletives and other negative feedback, and I’ll try to restore order to the blog in a few days. After all, we still have a couple trophies to try to win.

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