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A Call to the Readers

Hi folks. I just wanted to quickly drop in and leave a little note for you guys. Loyal reader and all around nice guy Luke and I have been doing some talking in comments and I am going to post one of his replies here, but I just thought I'd mention that Gol TV has chosen not to air some matches of the Bundesliga live. For me, and probably most American folks that watch via Gol TV, this is most bothersome. I actually would get up on my weekends awful early to catch Bayern matches. I'm sure fans of other teams did the same thing. Why? Because that's the point isn't it? Catch the game as it happens. Watch your boys play when they're playing. I don't want to avoid the internet like the plague for two hours so I don't know the result before it's even aired here.

So why not send emails. Lots and lots of emails so that Gol TV knows we're not happy by this development. Below is Luke's comment along with where to send your emails:

To all the Americans here relying on GOLTV for their Bundesliga coverage: Their schedule has Bayern vs Bremen being shown on 2 hour delay (with no live match beforehand either?!?!!!) They did the same last week with Dortmund-Schalke, so if this is their new policy, and they can’t show the biggest matches live, I think we ought to step up the protest emails. They ought to know that viewers like us who are generally waking up abnormally early to watch German soccer on a Saturday morning (a rare enough breed) will not be tuning in their coverage if they can’t put it on live. I know exactly what online feed I’ll be looking for Saturday morning because of this nonsense. It’s a shame, because GOL is doing what it can to raise the profile of the Bundesliga in this country generally, and all I can think is that they think they’ll reach a bigger audience 2 hours later. Oh, by the way they are showing the Sunday Wolfsburg-Hamburg match live, apparently due to Wolfsburg huge international following. (with all apologies to the Wolfsburg Offside)

Send emails to:

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