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Bayern Munich 4 - 1 Hertha Berlin

Now that, my friends, is how you play football. Some changes to the line and whatever Klinsmann thought up, seemed to work brilliantly. For all you nay sayers out there, this is why I blame Lucio for not being enough support for van Buyten. van Buyten had a brilliant game today. He was able to push forward, he was able to defend like he's capable, he took shots on goal and didn't lay back at all. And all of that is likely because he has more confidence in Demichelis than he does Lucio. Very good game overall by the majority of the team. There are still some flaws, but this performance was better than previous ones.

The penalty that Schweinsteiger received probably wasn't waranted of a penalty shot, but it happened none the less. Ze Roberto was definitely man of the match with some shining performances by Lahm, Ottl and van Buyten.

Ribery in the stands with his family was adorable, but you can tell that he is missing the game. Mark all alone in the stands being pouty broke my heart. I can't wait for my Captain to come back. Hertha never really adjusted their line to meet the adjustments Klinsmann made and it gave Bayern too much room. They used it to their advantage and took home a 4-1 win over Hertha.

My amusement came from the announcers calling van Buyten a big lighthouse. The names that they come up with for some of these players is highly entertaining. He looked good today. Lahm was fantastic, glimpses of the world cup player that I was so fond of.

There was a moment when Demichelis and Lucio seemed to fall asleep and were caught too far up which allowed for Pantelic to make a break and score Hertha's only goal. van Buyten nearly caught him, but not quite. Pantelic is a quick little man. Friedrich was awarded a yellow for bringing down Ze Roberto rather harshly... see it's not just Bayern's Captain that gets yellows. ;) The yellow to Friedrich awarded Bayern with their second penalty shot which was taken by Klose. He found the back of the net and has finally managed to score. Good for him.

Goals were scored by Toni, Schweinsteiger (penalty), Lahm and Klose (penalty). Klose tried his little heart out, but today just wasn't his day. He's getting closer and sooner or later his good run of bad luck just has to break. I'm glad he was given the opportunity to take the penalty and I'm glad that he scored.

Overall, today's game was a vast improvement from previous games and hopefully this will give the team the momentum they need to keep moving forward. Bayern remains undefeated with Rensing in goal. That's a positive right?

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