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Lell gets extension, Sagnol gets...?

Christian Lell renews contractChristian Lell's contract was set to run out with Bayern Munich in 2009. Lell, however, has signed a contract a two year extension with the Bavarian Giants, keeping him in Munich until 2011 currently. Out of fifty-four possible appearances, Lell has played in forty-four games. At just 23 years of age, Lell is regarded as the future of the German National Team. I imagine it won't be long before Jogi Loew makes the call himself. Lell has really put forth a lot of effort this season. I am not really a fan of the person, but he has put forth a lot of effort for Bayern. While he's made some mistakes for the team, he's also made some better plays. If he can mature a little bit, he'd be an asset to Bayern's team professionally. Personally is a whole different matter. And I don't imagine that they are required to submit to a personality screening. I'm sure it's all about what they can do on the pitch so I suppose we'll leave the off the pitch issues... well off the pitch.

For Bayern, he's been fairly consistent and the mistakes he's made have, generally, been forgivable. At such a young age, he still has a lot to offer and can only progress as a player unless he has a major setback. I don't look for too many changes to take place at Bayern, except in possibly letting a few people go. Lell's extension is just another confirmation that the Bayern bosses, and the upcoming coach are pretty content with the way things shake out at Bayern currently. Klinsmann has pretty well made it a priority to stay in touch with players considering leaving Bayern and has either given his blessing, or like van Buyten, asked them to stay. It seems he's pretty hands on in the future of Bayern, which is to be expected. The only question I have, is who will we bring on in the absence of Oliver Kahn?

Christian Lell renews contractDepending on which article you read, Willy Sagnol is either leaving or staying. According to Goal, Milan have agreed to a €5m fee for Sagnol. It is said that he will sign a three year contract with the team. However, in another Goal article, Willy says there is interest from Milan and also another European (not Italian) team, but that he has talked to Klinsmann and Klinsmann is counting on him. Then he says that his future will be known before the European Championship. He then says he's honored that Milan have been interested in him for so long, but his priority remains to be Bayern.

What is it with these players and the constant back and forth? I think I should go, I think I should say. One minute their bags are packed and they're halfway out the door, but should you blink or step away for a moment and they're back to being completely dedicated to Bayern and Bayern only. There are only a few that have steadfast and have openly said that they wish to stay with Bayern wholeheartedly. The rest, I don't think even they know what they want. I imagine that there comes some kind of fondness, pride and loyalty once you've played with a team like Bayern, but why go back and forth? Why not just tell us when you've made your final decision? Then again, NASCAR wouldn't be any fun without a Silly Season so my guess is, this is football's version of silly season. ;)

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