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Sagnol gets a time-out

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So everyone remembers the suspension of Captain Kahn and his fine for bad mouthing Luca Toni and Franck Ribery right? Well, Willy Sagnol came out swingin' too. Only, not at Toni and Ribery, but at the General. At Hitzfeld himself. This, in my eyes, is a big no no. You don't publicly abuse your boss.. no matter what the situation. You handle it privately. You never handle it via the media. Well, Willy didn't see it that way. In response to his public bashing of Hitzfeld, Hitz has responded with a "think break." What's that mean? Willy has been removed from the line-up in for Thursday's second leg match against Zenit. Do you think Willy will learn his lesson?