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Christian Lell.. missing?

Lell has gone AWOLThe troubles of Christian Lell continue to move forward. In the past he's been arrested for an altercation with a police officer, hitting his ex-girlfriend and losing his license for driving drunk. Now, he's gone missing. Lell hasn't shown up for training in a few days. Ottmar Hitzfeld insists he knows why Lell is gone, due to cold, but Lell's family and teammates suggest otherwise. No one has heard from him. No one has seen him.

"Nobody knows where he is," revealed midfielder Zé Roberto.
"He has not been in training for two days and I really have no idea what is wrong with him."

"I asked him for tickets for the Werder Bremen game last week and he said he would deal with it, but that was our last contact" his grandfather told the Express newspaper. "I have not been able to reach him for days. He has not given any reason. He has turned his mobile phones off and even his mother has not spoken to him for days."

It's almost like playing Where's Waldo, only more serious. Hopefully things will turn out okay and he's really only out because he's ill.

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